Květen 2011

I♥Kevin Zegers

26. května 2011 v 13:27 | Mišule
Toho to herce by jste měli vidět ve filmech:
2012 -Into the Americas role: John Jewitt
2011 -Georgetown role: Monty Knox
2011 -Lives of the Saints
2011 -The Brother
2011 -Vampire role: Simon
2010 -Frozen role: Dan Walker
2010 -Girl Walks Into a Bar role: Billy
2010 -Rock Mafia Presents: The Big Bang role: Attendent
2010 -The Entitled role: Paul Dynan
2010 -The Story of Bonnie and Clyde role: Clyde Barrow
2009 -The Perfect Age of Rock 'n' Roll role: Spyder
2008 -Štvanec IRA (Fifty Dead Men Walking) role: Sean
2008 -The Narrows role: Mike Manadoro
2007 -Gardens of the Night role: Frank
2007 -Super drbna (Gossip Girl) role: Damian Daalgard / Damien Daalgard
2007 -Normal role: Jordie
2007 -The Jane Austen Book Club role: Trey
2007 -The Stone Angel role: John
2006 -Já jsem ty a ty jsi já (It's a Boy Girl Thing) role: Woody Deane
2006 -Zoom: Akademie pro superhrdiny (Zoom) role: Connor Shepard / Concussion
2005 -Felicity - příběh z války za nezávislost (Felicity: An American Girl Adventure) role: Ben Davidson
2005 -Transamerika (Transamerica) role: Toby
2004 -Úsvit mrtvých (Dawn of the Dead) role: Terry
2004 -Hollow, The role: Ian Cranston
2004 -Dr. House (House M.D.) role: Brandon Merrell
2004 -Some Things That Stay role: Rusty Murphy
2003 -The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie role: Charlie
2003 -Pach krve (Wrong Turn) role: Evan
2002 -Buddy - hvězda baseballu (Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch) role: Josh
2002 -Fear of the Dark role: Dale Billings
2002 -Dostih pro Virginii (Virginia's Run) role: Darrow Raines
2001 -Sex, Lies & Obsession role: Josh Thomas
2001 -Mladý Superman - TV Pilot (Smallville) role: Seth Nelson
2000 -Air Bud: World Pup role: Josh Framm
2000 -VIP: Velmi inteligentní primát (MVP: Most Valuable Primate) role: Steven Westover
2000 -The Acting Class role: Lou Carpman
2000 -Hořké sladkosti (Time Share) role: Thomas Weiland
2000 -Titans role: Ethan Benchley
1999 -"Twice in a Lifetime" role: Young Flash Jericho
1999 -It Came from the Sky role: Andy Bridges
1999 -Komodo role: Patrick Connally
1999 -So Weird role: Ryan Ollman
1998 -Můj pes Buddy 2 (Air Bud: Golden Receiver) role: Josh Framm
1998 -Nico the Unicorn role: Billy Hastings
1998 -Shadow Builder role: Chris Hatcher
1997 -A Call to Remember role: Ben Tobias
1997 -Můj pes Buddy / Tornádo Buddy (Air Bud) role: Josh Framm
1997 -Rose Hill role: Cole Clayborne at 13
1996 -Cold Heart of a Killer, The role: Matthew Arnold
1996 -Specimen role: Bart
1996 -Traders role: Sean Blake
1995 -Goosebumps role: Noah Thompson
1995 -In the Mouth of Madness role: Kid
1995 -The Silence of Adultery role: Steven Harvett
1994 -Free Willy role: Einstein
1994 -The Magic School Bus role: Caller
1994 -Thicker Than Blood: The Larry McLinden Story role: Larry
1993 -Life with Mikey role: Little Mikey
1993 -Akta X (TV seriál) (X Files, The) role: Kevin Kryder
1989 -Road to Avonlea role: Gordon Bradley
1987 -"Street Legal" role: Jeremy Morris